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Why did you create Doctor Manager?

The founders of Doctor Manager, François and Léopold, realized in 2016 that their relatives working in the health care sector were wasting too much time in the administrative management of their practice.

They wanted to help practitioners by automating all these administrative tasks, saving them precious time.

Several years later, Sylho offers its doctors a set of digital solutions allowing them to address a single entity for the management of their medical practice.

Our corporate values

The T.A.S.C. represents our corporate values, it allows us to grow personally and professionally while keeping in mind our mission "Taking care of caretakers".


  • Prioritize tasks and challenges.
  • Limit time-wasting activities.
  • Everyone's time is valuable.


  • Go beyond your limits every day
  • Think bigger every day
  • Inspire others with your efforts


  • Empowering your teams through your work
  • Encourage all voices to be heard
  • Collaborate effectively by mastering your tools


  • Listening to and respecting everyone
  • Trust and be trustworthy
  • Remember to breathe and relax

They speak about us

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