Recommend Doctor Manager to your colleagues and receive two months subscription.

Doctor Manager sets up its referral system and offers you 2 months of subscription per referred colleague. How does it work? We explain it to you in detail !

How How does our sponsorship system work?

To sponsor one of your colleagues, simply fill in the sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.

We will then be able to contact your colleague who, thanks to you, will receive 1 month of free subscription to Doctor Manager (or another service depending on his or her needs).

On your side, you will receive 2 months of subscription to Doctor Manager or 2 weeks of tele-secretariat for free.

Please note that the sponsorship is only valid once your referral has accepted the offer !

Why propose a sponsorship system?

You know Doctor Manager inside out and therefore you are our best ambassador to talk about it.

But you are already doing this. So we wanted to thank you and offer you a service in return. Indeed, many of our users have joined us thanks to word of mouth and your praise.

So we thought of a sponsorship system that would be both beneficial for you and for your colleagues who have followed your good advice.

Thank you for your support.

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