Offer online appointment scheduling to your patients

Managing your appointments has never been easier

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Increase the attendance rate of your patients

Unfulfilled appointments are a hindrance to the good organization of your practice. Thanks to e-mail and SMS reminders, you can drastically reduce them.

Your patients have 24/7 Your patients have 24/7 access to your availability through online appointment scheduling.

Allow your patients to book appointments online whenever and wherever they want, without you being disturbed.

Enjoy 1 month free

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Communicate easily with your patients.

Doctor Manager has been designed to easily communicate to your patients all the information they need at each step of their journey through :

  • Instructions at the time of booking an appointment
  • Personalized SMS and email messages
  • Scheduled reminders

How does online appointment scheduling work?

The online appointment booking works via the agenda module of Doctor manager. Within its parameters, indicate if you want to allow your patients to make appointments online. If so, you will have to indicate in your agenda the slots available for online appointments. If you wish, you can also indicate your appointment instructions according to the reason for consultation so that your patient is well informed for his consultation. Online appointment booking allows you to relieve yourself of some of the administrative burden of managing appointments. It also increases patient satisfaction through the flexibility and freedom it provides.

Integrate appointment scheduling on all your digital channels

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Web site

Inform your patients about your medical practice and allow them to book appointments online.

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Google My Business listing

Allow your regular patients to book an appointment in one search and one click.

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Facebook page

Increase your online visibility with a Facebook page coupled with online appointment booking.

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img Dr. Emma LAVOCAT


Aesthetic Medicine
img star

img quoteConvincing me to switch to Doctor Manager was very easy. It's a didactic software, it's modular and the synchronization with the appointment booking made me save a lot of time. The technical support is just impeccable.

img Dr. Marion DELBAERE


Plastic Surgery
img star

img quoteI am very happy with the Doctor Manager software, it is perfectly adapted to my surgical specialty and my private practice. The team is always available, reactive and always listening to new proposals to improve the software. The fact that I can connect remotely is a major asset. Thank you.

img Dr. Suzanne HAUSDORFER


img star

img quote JI am a dermatologist and not at all interested or good with computers. I was contacted by the Doctor Manager team. They were present and contactable at all times and very professional. The new system is very pragmatic and even easy for me now. I can only recommend Doctor Manager! I am really satisfied, and you are not expensive!

img Dr. Hélène BINET

Dr. Hélène BINET

img star

img quote I switched to the Doctor Manager software because it offers many more possibilities than my previous solution. It adapts perfectly to all my needs and is extremely easy to use. For me, the after-sales service is an essential thing and at Doctor Manager the service is irreproachable.

img Dr. Séverine

Dr. Séverine

Medical assistant
img star

img quote With Doctor Manager and internet appointment booking, I was able to reduce my secretarial time by 80% so that I could concentrate on the essentials and really support my patients.

img Dr. Muriel GREUSE

Dr. Nicolas CUYLITS

Cosmetic Surgery and Hand Surgery
img star

img quote With its great flexibility of configuration, Doctor Manager has allowed me to automate my administrative tasks in consultation. I can thus devote more time to human contact with patients. The agenda module is perfectly integrated in the functioning of my website and increases the satisfaction of the patients who can make an appointment in 1 click.

img Dr. Dominique SCIPIONI

Dr. Dominique SCIPIONI

Orthopedic Surgery
img star

img quote A colleague told me about the Doctor Manager software. Being curious, I contacted the company without hesitation. I was immediately won over by the ease of use and the synchronization between their agenda and their patient file software. Moreover, the reactivity of the after-sales team is also very appreciable.

img Dr. Muriel GREUSE

Dr. Muriel GREUSE

Plastic Surgery
img star

img quote With Doctor Manager, I was able to transfer my medical data to a new generation software in order to ensure its continuity. This change was done in a transparent way with a dynamic team and an irreproachable availability.

img Dr. Aurore LAFOSSE

Dr. Aurore LAFOSSE

Plastic Surgery
img star

img quote Doctor Manager's offer is very flexible for a combined use with my private secretary, the secretaries are very friendly and reactive. The follow-up emails or calls, when the message is more urgent, are a precious help for a quick and efficient organization. Finally, the support in general is of course of great quality and very available.

img Dr. Olivier GAILLY

Dr. Olivier GAILLY

Orthopedic Surgery
img star

img quote I found in the Doctor Manager ecosystem and the integration of its various modules the ease of use I was looking for. The immediate reactivity of their employees is a real plus. The creation of a personalized website is like their image: sober and efficient.

Dr. Arthur LASNIER

Hand surgery
img star

img quoteI would say that the software is very easy to use, it adapts to your way of working. The most for me is the reactivity of the after-sales team which is impressive. Thank you to all the Sylho team

Dr. Philippe RIZZI

Plastic Surgery
img star

img quoteThe Doctor Manager software is very practical, everything is thought out in advance for easy consultation, we can easily teach it OUR way of working. The team provides a very high quality after-sales service and working with them is a real pleasure.


Medical assistant
img star

img quoteThe software is perfectly adapted to our needs. Administration is no longer a burden but a pleasure. The staff is attentive and takes the time to explain each step. The reactivity of the technical service is impressive, fast and of an unequalled efficiency. Thanks to you.


Administrative Manager
img star

img quoteWith Doctor Manager we finally benefit from a complete, synchronized and innovative ecosystem, from appointment scheduling to patient file management for maximum time savings!

Questions fréquentes

La prise de rendez-vous par internet se fait sans besoin de création de compte et peut être faite pour n’importe qui (ainsi que nos petits compagnons dans le cadre des vétérinaires). Il faut seulement bien indiquer les informations de la personne qui se présentera à la consultation.
Oui. Certains de vos patients préfèreront toujours avoir un contact téléphonique pour la prise de rendez-vous, contrairement à d’autres patients préférant largement la prise de rendez-vous par internet pour sa facilité et son accessibilité 24/7. Vous gardez la main sur votre agenda et choisissez quelles sont les plages qui sont ouvertes à la prise de rendez-vous en ligne.
Notre page de prise de rendez-vous peut s’adapter à l’identité visuelle de votre site pour que vos patients aient toujours l’impression de naviguer sur celui-ci.
Oui. Vous pouvez annuler ou déplacer un rendez-vous pris par l'un de vos patients. Il sera notifié que son rendez-vous est annulé par mail, avec la possibilité immédiate de reprendre rendez-vous par internet.
Vous pouvez essayer la prise de rendez-vous en ligne avec RDV Manager sans engagement pendant un mois. Il vous suffit de contacter l'équipe Sylho.
Non. Aucun compte client/patient n’est nécessaire pour prendre rendez-vous en ligne. Si le patient existe déjà dans votre base de données, il sera reconnu. Sinon, une nouvelle fiche patient sera créée. En cas d'éventuel rare doublon, il est possible de fusionner les différentes fiches patients.
Le contenu des mails envoyés peut être personnalisé pour informer le patient de consignes générales, mais également spécifiques à leur motif de consultation. Ainsi, un patient bien informé bénéficie d’un meilleur parcours de soins.

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